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We have something new and exciting this year !
Times are tough and strange , but we have been working behind the scenes as a committee trying to keep your festival alive , as you can imagine without fundraising and sponsorship this would be impossible, and seeing as we cant fund raise in normal ways we have come up with something a little different this year in order to raise some very needed funds for your festival !
This year as well as our ROOSKEY HERITAGE CALENDARS (which will be available in all local shops soon)


These will be available in the next few days in all local shops, all funds raised will go towards your Rooskey Heritage Festival .
A massive thank you to Lisa Mc Gowan for letting us use her pictures for this project.
You can buy your cards from the usual places, from a committee member or on our site.

Rooskey Heritage Festival Calendar 2021 On Sale Now

Our new calendars for 2021 are printed and on sale now!! The calendar is available on the shelves in local businesses in Rooskey and the surrounding area, OR if you’re living a bit further away, you can order your copy online and we’ll deliver it straight to your door!

A massive thank you to Conor Rogers for letting us use her pictures for this project.