Fun pub quiz on Friday 2nd of December

Do you know who was in the Alternative ABBA at our variety show?How many songs did Sean Mahon sing? What colour was our piano?
Come along and take part, sure it's only a bit of craic.

Calendar Launch

On the same night we are launching our calendar. This is a big one for us!!
We are delighted with it and hope you all are too.
It is a fun calendar with images from our festival in 2016. We hope you all like it as a lot of hard work has gone in to putting it together.
We have included some photos from our heritage wall during the Festival, and hopefully you will all know someone featured.
We want to thank Lisa McGowan and Margaret Goff for some great photos.

We want to acknowledge the support we have received from the local businesses and the committee want to extend our gratitude to Cox's Pub and Steak House Dromod who have once again come on board with us.

Thanks to the wonderful community in which we live for the continued support, without you all we wouldn't have a festival let alone a calendar.

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Thanks to Cox - Main Sponsors of the Festival

Cox's Steakhouse and Bar

Dromod Village
Co. Leitrim
T:  353 (0) 71 9638 234

Main Sponsor of the Festival

Cox's Steakhouse, Dromod, Co. Leitrim Tel: 353 (0) 71 9638234

Many, thanks to Cox's Steakhouse Bar & Restaurant who are the Main Sponsor for the Rooskey Heritage Festival in 2018. This continues the brilliant support they have given us since the Festivals inception.

Cox's will also be in charge of the bar at the Big Red Barn during the Rooskey Heritage Festival, and always do a great job.

Make sure you check them out in Dromod, a great place to relax.

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