We wish to thank Dowd Plant & Agri for their support for the Rooskey Heritage Festival.  All this support is really appreciated.  We hope we can make the most of the sponsorship to inhance the festival.

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Huge thanks to Ciaran Fallon for the sponsorship.

We are delighted to have supporters from far and wide, it makes all the hard work worthwhile . 😎

Ciarans shop, the Rooskey Craft & Tackle 🎣🐠🐟 shop couldn’t be more local !!!

We will see you over the Festival Ciaran, and many thanks. 🎣🐠🐟

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Gerard Anthony Menswear continue to support the Festival , and we wish to thank them.

Gerard Anthony features the finest international brands for men of all ages in a handsome, spacious and carefully designed superstore. Definitely worth a visit.

Gerard Anthony Menswear  are on FACEBOOK and have a WEBSITE.

🤵🤵  Check them out to see their excellent range  🤵🤵

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Coxs Pub in Rooskey is a great supporter of the Rooksey Heritage Festival…

Thank you Tommy Cox, of Cox’s Pub, Rooskey.

Your continued support is really appreciated.

You’re always with us all the way.😎😎

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Huge thanks to Harte Civil Engineering for the sponsorship.

Your sponsorship makes a big difference to us, and we really appreciate all the support. 

We will see ye guys next week at the big event. 

Harte Civil Engineering are on  a WEBSITE if you want to have a look at them. :)


Thanks so much to Harte Civil Engineering, you sponsorship makes a big difference to us and we really appreciate it. See ye next week. 😀🎶😎

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Thanks Euro Accessories for your sponsorship and of course for all your support through the year. 😀😀

It is always appreciated.

 Check them out if you a chance.

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Huge thanks to the beautiful people of Avoldale House B&B

Its especially gratifying to be supported by locals year in and year out.  Thanks again to Avondale House B&B, every year they show their support for the festival and we are truly grateful. 😀😀

We will see you guys during the Rooskey Heritage Festival

Avondale House B&B have a great website, check it out here.

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Thank you Protrans (Drumlish) for your support, it is greatly appreciated 😀

Hopefully,  we will see you guys during July. 


You can also check out their WEBSITE.

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Thanks Fergus & Dave of PleasureCruisers.ie, your support is really appreciated.

Our local cruiser hire company, please support the guys whenever possible.😎

They are located at The Craft Shop in the village, phone number….. 086 328 4800.

See you on the 27th

Check out their WEBSITE here……

Thank You for Your Sponsorship !!!

Big thanks to Fergus Feeney Solicitors, your Sponsorship is warmly welcomed. 
See you on the 27th 😀😀

Fergus A Feeney Solicitors are on FACEBOOK and have a WEBSITE.

Check them out if you need anything in that line . 😀

Thanks to Cox - Main Sponsors of the Festival

Cox's Steakhouse and Bar

Dromod Village
Co. Leitrim
T:  353 (0) 71 9638 234

Main Sponsor of the Festival

Cox's Steakhouse, Dromod, Co. Leitrim Tel: 353 (0) 71 9638234

Many, thanks to Cox's Steakhouse Bar & Restaurant who are the Main Sponsor for the Rooskey Heritage Festival in 2018. This continues the brilliant support they have given us since the Festivals inception.

Cox's will also be in charge of the bar at the Big Red Barn during the Rooskey Heritage Festival, and always do a great job.

Make sure you check them out in Dromod, a great place to relax.



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